Smith School for Social Work

smith-school-social-work-creativemarketingThe Smith College School for Social Work, a nearly 100-year-old institution based in Northampton, Mass., welcomed a new dean to the campus in the summer of 2014. Inspired to gain the recognition the School deserves as one of the leaders in clinical social work education in the country, the dean asked The Creative to create a new positioning piece.
  • Conducted a series of discovery meetings with the new dean to help her flesh out the voice, stories, and messaging she wished to convey.
  • Collaborated with the dean, faculty, and staff to plan and art direct three days of photoshoots on campus to create a new portfolio of student, faculty, and campus photographs for multiple uses.
  • Edited and designed an eight-page piece, using bold photography and compelling headlines, subheads, quotes, and infographics to tell the story of the value of a Smith College School for Social Work education.
  • The publication was originally intended as a mailer to deans of social work schools across the country. As the piece came to life, the school recognized that the storytelling, messaging, photography, and design were compelling to a much broader audience. Instead of a short print run of 225, 15,000 pieces were printed for broad-scale use by the admissions and alumni offices as well.
  • Creating this piece inspired conversation among leaders of the School, helping them articulate its value, sense of purpose, and mission. The new communication channel proved valuable to the Smith School for Social Work in promoting its uniqueness and excellence to all of its varied constituents.

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