The CreativeOur services help organizations engage with their audiences, build relationships, and raise awareness in a variety of ways. Our work is informed by over 30 years of skill and experience and a thorough process and approach.

Ad Campaigns (On/Offline)
We conceptualize and produce tight and effective advertising campaigns that inspire action and build image whether on or off-line. We help clients determine the best media channels to use based on their budgets and marketing goals, then develop creative approaches to best leverage the campaign across those channels.

We help you develop blogs that will drive traffic to your website, position you as a thought leader in your field, and raise awareness of your good work. We will manage an editorial calendar for your blogs, write or edit your posts, and we can also do the work of uploading this content to your site.

We manage book content development from start to finish—writing and editing acknowledgements through bibliographies. We also design the book jackets and interior pages, from straight running text in novels to complex reference books with maps, illustrations, and photographs.

We manage clients’ brand identities, whether building a new brand, refreshing a tired brand, or maintaining and supporting an existing one, taking into account how the brand permeates across all communications—written and spoken, internal and external. We build and refine identity systems: logos, colors, and typefaces, and codify them in the form of guidelines.

Communications Audits
We evaluate how a client’s communications and brand are being presented across various channels, from the website to print collateral, broadcast to signage, and everything in between. In doing so, we carefully consider your visual identity and messaging, and assess it in relation to your competition, other industry leaders, and their best practices to find the realm our client can own.

We manage the design and scope of these online communications for clients, first designing a template that is consistent with the client’s brand and positioned appropriately to the target audience. We then develop content for each issue—writing or editing individual articles—and strategizing the best links to drive traffic to the client’s website. We recommend appropriate photography or art to support messaging.

Market Research
We help our clients focus their marketing strategies by providing objective, detailed information about their customers’ and prospects’ wants, needs, attitudes, and opinions. We use a variety of research techniques, including online surveys and one-on-one interviews, and then present a report of findings to generate discussion and a deeper understanding of the market in relation to the clients’ goals.

Media Buying
We craft comprehensive media plans for clients, driven by clients’ budget parameters, marketing goals, target market, and advertising message. We negotiate the buy with the various media companies until just the right mix of traditional broadcast, print, and digital media is achieved.

Print Collateral
From direct mail to general marketing collateral, we help clients get the most out of print, leveraging our extensive knowledge of printing to assure impactful results. We develop and execute the messaging and design for letterhead, forms, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, magazines, posters, display units, to name a few items.

Public Relations
We have deep experience in media and public relations and are adept at helping businesses and nonprofits gain recognition in print and broadcast news. We know what editors are looking for, and we strategize, craft, and distribute press releases that effectively position our clients’ news, events, and success stories.

Social Media
We plan, create, and manage the editorial calendars that guide our clients’ social media tactics. We use social media to extend and leverage the marketing messaging we develop for digital and online platforms.

We prepare speeches to be delivered at events from annual meetings to commencements. While the words may come from us, they will sound like your president, CEO, board chair, or donor.

Strategic Marketing
Our marketing recommendations are born from a comprehensive and carefully crafted strategic marketing lens. We develop marketing strategies and plans that offer a fully integrated series of tactics always informed by the client’s goals.

We cover all ground when developing a website, from designing the site map, creating the content strategy, to writing and editing the content and extending the client’s brand in the site design. We combine our expertise in collaboration with website developers to deliver a smart and engaging website that drives visitors to take action.